Right of way


ExxonMobil Pipeline Company (EMPCo) Right-of-Way and Claims Department (ROWC) works as a visible team supporting the operation of company assets and provides quality and reliable property administration necessary to obtain and protect contractual rights and deliver value added business results to our customers. 

The ROWC is responsible for the acquisition and management of the company’s property assets which include easements, pipeline corridors, leases, franchises, permits and fee lands. Management of these assets also includes investigation and settlement of damage claims, accounting administration for property leases, and review of encroachments and improvements near the right-of-way.

For safety reasons, all projects, small or large, and any planned activities within our pipeline right-of-way or adjacent to our pipelines requires a formal review by, and written approval, of EMPCo. An EMPCo representative must be present during any work near our pipelines.

Developers and constructors are encouraged to contact us early in the planning process to determine what may be required to work or place improvements near or across our pipelines to help ensure the safety and integrity of our pipelines.

For more information on EMPCo’s right-of-way restrictions and notification process, please view the documents below:


Right-Of-Way Restrictions & Requirements


Restricciones Y Requisitos De Derecho De Paso