Safety, security, health and environment


The Safety, Security, Health & Environment department supports ExxonMobil Pipeline Company in protecting employees, our communities and the environment.  Managing the risks in pipeline transportation and fuel terminal operation demands vigilance.  The Safety, Health & Environment professionals implement processes for safety, health, environmental management, emergency response and regulatory compliance.  The Safety, Health & Environment department oversees the operations integrity framework, shared by all ExxonMobil affiliates, to deliver continuous improvement in these key areas.  ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is committed to conducting its business in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.  This commitment requires compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, facilities that are designed and operated to high standards, and systematic identification and management of safety, security, health and environmental risks.

  • Commitment to safety

    ExxonMobil Pipeline Company strives for "flawless performance."  Our safety and health performance goal is simply stated: "Nobody Gets Hurt."

  • Commitment to the environment

    ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is committed to protecting the environment while meeting our customers' needs.  We have an extensive integrity management program that helps us operate our pipeline systems and terminal equipment both safely and reliably. We strive for no releases to the environment.